Joc Da Parona Biography

Joc Da Parona [pi-rah-nuh] – a quick tongued, carnivorous individual indigenous to Navasota, Texas who has earned his name for jumping on tracks and eating the beats and competition alive. A singer, rapper and songwriter, Da Parona is known for his creativity and devising a whole new twist on lyrics and the meaning to words. He is definitely a trendsetter and continues to produce a new style of music, ‘Hood Nerd’, catching on feverishly in the south.

Music has always played a very influential role in Joc Da Parona’s life starting at an early age from singing and praising God in church to imitating different acts and performances he watched on T.V., such as, Michael Jackson and MC Hammer. Being from a small town, it is easy to get wrapped up in the “small-town” mentality of becoming comfortable where you are and not challenging or putting yourself out there to insure that your dreams are lived out the best way possible. But not for Joc, who has set high dreams and goals for himself


Joc Da Parona – “PartyDrugs”

Joc Da Parona – “Who You”